The Team

Peter Allan

Peter Allan – Principal Environmental Consultant

Direct: (03) 9016 5491
Mobile: 0478 221 332

Peter has been a leader in the waste management and recycling field for over 20 years, significantly contributing to Australian waste diversion strategies over that time. He has held management responsibility for programs dealing with domestic waste and recycling, commercial and industrial waste issues, litter and public place recycling, organics diversion and waste management infrastructure.

Peter knows packaging, the issues relating to it and the major material categories used: paper, plastics, metals, organics and glass. He has played a key role in the product stewardship of products as diverse as packaging, electronics and tyres.

His key areas of experience include: strategy and policy development; kerbside recycling systems; recycling markets; waste management plans; waste and recycling data; commercial and industrial waste reduction strategies; and communication and education programs.

Peter once worked as a landscape gardener and built a house with his own two hands. He is also a one man brainstorming band who has been embraced as a mascot by a small African nation’s Olympic team.