Recent Projects

A brief overview of some of our clients and recent projects is provided here.


City of Darebin (2012–2013)

Feasibility trial of kerbside recycling of consolidated flexible plastics

Plastic film in the form of bags and wraps is the fastest growing form of packaging worldwide. Currently this material cannot be diverted for recycling through household collections. A trial is being conducted with Darebin Council to identify if it is practical and efficient to collect flexible plastics contained in a plastic bag provided either by the household or by Council. The trial has enormous implications for increased recycling and is supported by the Metropolitan Waste Management Group and the Australian Packaging Covenant.


Deakin University (2011–2013)

Waste data development and tender assistance

Deakin University sought assistance in reducing waste disposal from its four campuses. SRU undertook audits of the waste and recycling streams, identifying significant opportunities for increased waste diversion. We were also able to provide advice on a more cost efficient servicing allowing reduced contracting at a time of spiralling costs. Our information enabled Deakin to benchmark their performance against universities across Australia and around the world.


The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

A study into commercial & industrial (C&I) waste and recycling in Australia by industry division (2012)

In partnership with Encycle Consulting, SRU has completed a study into commercial & industrial waste and recycling in Australia by industry sector for the Australian Federal and state governments. This study is documenting knowledge about C&I waste here and overseas, estimating the cost of materials inefficiency to Australian business and profiling each sectors waste stream and identifying reduction opportunities.


Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association

National Plastics Recycling Survey

For over ten years SRU staff have conducted the annual PACIA plastics recycling survey. The survey provides information on plastics use and disposal in Australia to members, government and the wider community. The project collects and analyses data on plastics manufacturing, imports, local reprocessing and exports destined for reprocessing. The project is supported by the NSW EPA, Sustainability Victoria, the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the Western Australian Department of Environmental Regulation, and the Australian Packaging Covenant Council.


Sustainability Victoria

Benchmarking Victorian waste and recycling

SRU was commissioned by Sustainability Victoria to provide an overview of the waste and recycling performance of Victoria compared to other jurisdictions across Australia and other developed countries. The analysis looked at levels of waste generation and consumption, recycling and disposal. It identified a range of opportunities to improve the waste outcomes and the role for government in facilitating this.