What We Do

We work in the broad area of resource sustainability. This focus, while predominantly on materials and products, extends to energy and water resources.

Environmental policy and strategic advice

We have a strong record of working with government and industry at a senior level to develop the strategies that will make a difference and achieve the policy objectives sought. Our reputation is for providing a sound evidence basis for our advice and to present this in a clear and accessible format.


Sustainable resource management

There is enormous potential to increase resource efficiency, with both environmental and economic benefits. Through waste avoidance, recycling, better product design and managing end of life outcomes, SRU can help deliver significant and measurable sustainability outcomes.

Environmental data collection and analysis

The saying ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ is a simple and powerful truth. We are often the team that organisations turn to for the data on which to develop their strategic direction. Our speciality areas of data development are:

  • recycling and waste activity
  • consumption and use of products
  • end of life outcomes
  • carbon impacts of materials

We have a great deal of experience in primary quantitative and qualitative data collection, and regularly undertake extensive stakeholder consultation and broader research to develop the information evidence base that is needed to underpin a wide range of policy outcome driven, strategic and investigative projects more generally.

Beyond data collection, the next key steps are robust and insightful data analysis, interpretation and synthesis of findings. All of our senior team has between ten and thirty years of experience in the environment space. Our capability to back up high quality data collection with the development of practical, actionable and well-informed findings, is an area in particular where we bring value to projects.