SRU is a sustainable resource management consultancy that provides specialised advice to a broad range of clients. The quality of our work is our reputational bedrock, and supports the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that we have with our clients. To ensure a transparent, practical and dynamic quality system SRU is currently developing a quality management system (QMS) that is independently certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. Beyond the strong internal quality management processes that we already have in place, an independently certified QMS will further enhance our ability to ensure that:

  • All client requirements are satisfied in a timely and cost effective manner, with minimal ‘rework’, or the requirement for repeated review cycles by clients.
  • SRU continues to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to resource management issues.
  • Advice is based on best practice to ensure that the community and environment is protected and enhanced, while satisfying statutory requirements.
  • SRU is recognised as an ethical consultancy, which can be relied on to dependably provide high quality project outcomes.
  • SRU makes the best use of our employees’ individual skills in a team environment, and develops their talents through ongoing training.

It is the responsibility of all SRU staff to work to achieve our quality objectives, and continuously search for areas of improvement through regular reviews of our systems and project activities.


Our approach to reducing SRU’s environmental impact and improving environmental sustainability is broader than a consideration of the direct impacts of our business activities. The principles upon which our approach is formed are:

  • SRU acts to ensure that all our work results in tangible environmental improvement.
  • Achievement of strong sustainability outcomes is a key criterion in our selection of clients and projects. On a regular basis we review all our work to ensure the maximum alignment between this aim, and project advice and outcomes.
  • In addition to the impact of our work we operate the business on a similarly sustainable basis.
  • Our ground transport consists almost entirely of bike, scooter and public transport use. Staff are encouraged and subsidised to use these transport modes. Any car travel, where it occurs, is done using hybrid vehicles owned by SRU staff, or small car accessed through a car share scheme. Our air travel is minimised and fully offset.
  • All feasible waste avoidance, reduction and recycling opportunities are undertaken.
  • SRU is a fully carbon neutral (or better) organisation. As much as possible this is achieved through addressing and reducing our impacts. Beyond this we also offset any remaining impacts on an annual basis. The company utilises energy efficient equipment in a careful manner. As much as possible our office is paper free. Almost all energy requirements are supplied from renewable, GreenPower™ accredited, energy sources. Where this is not possible, any greenhouse gas impacts are accounted for through the purchase of high-quality carbon offsets.


SRU is committed to being an employer of choice having high regard for its employees and the welfare of them and their families.

SRU seeks to:

  • be an equal opportunity employer giving high priority to ensuring there are no impediments to opportunity based on gender, race or age.
  • to ensure a good work life balance and prevent excessive pressure for working long hours.
  • to comply with all relevant State and Federal employment legislation as a minimum.

SRU supports and encourages part time employment, work from home, and flexible work arrangements.

Reflecting that Australians are most fortunate in their wealth and resources, SRU actively supports efforts to create a fairer world.

SRU contributes to its community in the following ways:

  • Support for initiatives of environmental and social benefit within Australia and in the developing world. Each year SRU donates 25% of its pre-tax profit, both through financial donations and staff time, to charities and not-for-profits with a strong environmental and social focus.
  • Provide supportive working conditions including the pursuing of a healthy work life balance.
  • Develop progressive and innovative organisational policies.
  • Pursue an agenda for a fair, just and inclusive society.

SRU seeks to operate with integrity in all our dealings. We are committed to developing and maintaining partnerships with other sustainability focussed organisations.